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Next by Sevendust

Genres: Hard rock, Música, Rock, Alternativa, Metal Labels: Sevendust Date:…
PlayHero by Sevendust (03:47) - Sevendust
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Once by Nightwish

Genres: Metal, Música, Rock, Death metal/Black metal Labels: Nightwish Date:…
PlayDark Chest of Wonders by Nightwish (04:28) - Nightwish
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Requiem for the Indifferent by Epica

Genres: Metal, Música, Rock Labels: Epica Date: 2012-03-09 # of Tracks:…
PlayKarma by Epica (01:32) - Epica
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Sons of Thunder by Labyrinth

Genres: Metal, Música, Rock Labels: Labyrinth Date: 2001-01-23 # of…
PlayChapter I by Labyrinth (06:03) - Labyrinth
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Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds by White Zombie

Genres: Hard rock, Música, Rock, Metal, Alternativa para adultos Labels: White Zombie…
PlayElectric Head, Pt. 2 (Sexational After Dark Mix) by White Zombie (04:58) - White Zombie
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Universal Chaos by Rendezvous Point

Genres: Metal, Música, Rock Labels: Rendezvous Point Date: 2019-05-24 #…
PlayApollo by Rendezvous Point (05:32) - Rendezvous Point
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Grinding Gears, Vol. 2 by Rabea Massaad

Genres: Metal, Musica, Rock Labels: Rabea Massaad Date: 2019-06-21 # of…
PlayCthulhu by Rabea Massaad (03:15) - Rabea Massaad
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Infidel Art by Sigh

Genres: Metal, Musica, Rock Labels: Sigh Date: 1995-10-16 # of Tracks:…
PlayIzuna by Sigh (08:16) - Sigh
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Jailbreak (Deluxe Edition) by Thin Lizzy

Genres: Hard rock, Música, Rock, Metal, Arena rock, Rock’n’Roll Labels: Thin Lizzy…
PlayJailbreak by Thin Lizzy (04:00) - Thin Lizzy
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Terrapin Station by Grateful Dead

Genres: Rock, Música, Pop, Pop/Rock, Jam bands, Arena rock Labels: Grateful Dead…
PlayEstimated Prophet by Grateful Dead (05:36) - Grateful Dead
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Lucky Town by Bruce Springsteen

Genres: Rock, Música, Arena rock, Pop, Pop/Rock, Rock’n’roll Labels: Bruce…
PlayBetter Days by Bruce Springsteen (04:08) - Bruce Springsteen
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A Million Degrees by Emigrate

Genres: Hard rock, Música, Rock, Metal Labels: Emigrate Date: 2018-11-30…
PlayWar by Emigrate (04:33) - Emigrate
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Cry Cry Cry by Wolf Parade

Genres: Alternativa, Música, Rock, Rock indie Labels: Wolf Parade Date:…
PlayLazarus Online by Wolf Parade (03:25) - Wolf Parade
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In the Morse Code of Brake Lights by The New Pornographers

Genres: Alternativa, Música, Indie Rock, Rock, Pop, Pop/Rock Labels: The New…
PlayYou’ll Need a New Backseat Driver by The New Pornographers (04:14) - The New Pornographers
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Zappa In New York (40th Anniversary / Deluxe Edition) by Frank Zappa

Genres: Rock, Música, Hard rock, Rock progresivo/Art rock, Comedia, Arena rock…
PlayTitties & Beer (1977 Mix/Live) by Frank Zappa (05:01) - Frank Zappa
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